Today is Blogging for LGBT family day.

For me, almost every issue of this nature is both personal and political and the two are ever intertwined. Currently in 31 states there are no legal protections if you’re fired because of your sexual orientation. In numerous states there is no second parent adoption. And yes, kiddies! Virginia is far, far from gay friendly. Usually if you’re not married and applying for a loan where there needs to be a credit check, each individual is required to pay whereas a married couple pays a single fee together. And if you’re gay and married, good luck with those federal taxes.

On a strictly personal level, referring to or not referring to your partner in the workplace is always a fun conundrum. Everyone else seems to have no issue bringing up their husbands, wives, children even when the context is completely inappropriate. Do you take your partner to the holiday party, the company picnic? What if you have kids?

On the upside, California finally did the right thing. New York inches in that direction. And it’s nice to have friends who email you about how cute you and your partner’s kids would be, and at the end of the email realizes – hey wait! You guys can’t have biological children. Because, to her my relationship is completely natural, and she wants to be an auntie.

There’s a great post on Queercents about traveling as a family. Pandagon also has a post up. Hopefully by the end of the day other big feminist blogs will post as well.


Rebecca Walker takes on her mother… again, in public, and uses it to educate the world. For more, check out her most recent book, Baby Love. But I’d strongly suggest borrowing it from your library as opposed to buying it.

Thoughts on the article or the book?

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