better than champagne

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Here’s to a cancer free, drama free, boring, average, normal, yawn-worthy, surgery-free 2008.


yoda does christmas

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A shopping trip to 5 stores covering Annendale and Falls Church, looking for a small Christmas tree with clear lights resulted in a new turtle light, various paper products, various ornaments and other holiday accoutriments, a new pair of holiday slippers with penguins on them (for the hospital), 1 hello kitty stocking (for Oliver), 1 cookie monster stocking (for Joanna), and 1 Yoda stocking (for me) as well as the new season of Big Love.

Then we came home and ordered a Christmas tree and stocking holders online, because all the trees in the store were hideous, or over 6 foot tall, or intended for the outdoors. So much for 4 hours of suburban shopping.


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So, this year’s Thanksgiving dinner was truly a feast. There was so much food brought to the house – we had a ton of food and all of it was delicious. This picture doesn’t even show all of it.

Just to give you a run down there was: quinoa salad, candied sweet potatoes, 2 kinds of turkey, tofurky, veggie gravy, roasted root veggies, roasted asparagus, squash and sweet potatoes with dried cranberries, stuffing, Gina’s crazy mashed potatoes, corn bread, and green bean casserole. For dessert there were 2 kinds of apple pie, a mocha pecan pie, a banana cream pie and vanilla ice cream.

I played it kinda low-key this year with the tofurky. I even bought the tofurky stuffing in case anyone wanted some without the tofurkey. Considering that Joanna and I were both sick, it was a really good thing that none of the items we made were too taxing. (Joanna was supposed to be my prep cook/slicer/dicer but considering that I was the giver of the cold and she, the recipient, once I saw her crashed out on the couch with oliver, I didn’t have the heart to wake her.) joanna and oliver, asleep The mocha pie, squash and sweet potatoes, tofurkey and root veggies, and asparagus came from our kitchen. I attempted parker house rolls, but sadly they were a complete disaster, that never saw the table. Everything else was brought by friends, and everything was so, so good. There were mountains of leftovers, which we’re about to eat for dinner.

I’ve got recipes to come. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

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