So, I had another surgery today. My left implant seems to be encapsulating slightly. It’s certainly not terrible, but the changes have been noticeable over the past few months, prompting me to see my plastic surgeon. When I saw her she agreed that it looked as if there was some encapsulating going on and told me to wait , and come back in a few weeks to see if things seemed to progress, and they did.

So today I had a revision done to my reconstruction on the left side. Dr. Otero took out the implant, removed some skin, made a revision to the dent (seriously a dent developed around my armpit), and then popped the implant back in. I don’t think I realized that the implant would be taken in and out so I’m feeling a bit more rough than I expected to. And I have a drain, which I was hoping not to have but Dr. Otero said there was a lot of fluid in there, so better safe than sorry. Certainly better than an emergency drain insertion as I’ve had before and it can come out first thing Monday, which is great. Essentially one of my fake boobs needed a lift. WTF?

I didn’t have to spend the night, so I’m home. Joanna is on a prescription run. I feel pretty rough and am in more pain than I expected, but I’m hoping the recovery will be speedy and the pain will dissipate quickly.

Tonight I’m going to watch Wife Swap, eat matzo, drink diet ginger ale, and pill pop. I’m hoping for a weekend of movies and bad tv on cable. Pedestrian as it is, I am okay with that.



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woo hoo!

I went to see the wonderful nurse at my plastic surgeon’s office and she pulled pulled my jackson-pratts. By the time I went in today I was draining well under the 20-30ml of fluid in 24 hours required to have them removed. Hopefully there won’t be a fluid build up like last time which required emergency drain re-insertion. I feel like in April I had them removed 5-7 days post mastectomy. This time I had them in for 13 days so, cross your fingers.

I still can’t shower until Saturday morning (it’s worse than a camping trip) but it feels amazing not to have this constant pulling around the exit area of the drains and the stitches that attached them to me. While there’s still pain, it’s no longer constant. This is quite a boon, not to mention that I no longer have to find places to hide them in my clothes when going out in public. This time, the drain tubes were long enough that I could tuck them into the back or side of my skirt or slacks, which just made my ass look lumpy.

Again – it’s nice to have them out.

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