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As you may or may not have known, I had surgery again yesterday. This time I did a really bad job of communicating to people what was going on, so if I’ve left you out of the loop, I apologize now. Work has been incredibly busy, however well it’s going, but I’ve also logged close to 50 hrs. a week or more for the last 6 weeks or so. I know that’s normal for some people, and if it is, my hat is off to you. This kind of schedule left me exhausted and feeling as if I had little time to myself, which sucked especially right before surgery.

Anyway, yesterday morning I had a prophylactic, simple mastectomy on my left breast and a tissue expander was placed, just like the last time. Since there is no known cancer in this breast, a sentinel node biopsy wasn’t done. I think this combined with better pain and nausea management left me feeling much better after the surgery and with a far greater range of mobility. Pete and Mark actually came to visit last night at the hospital, which gave Joanna a nice chance at a break from napping on an uncomfortable looking chair in my room, and they were treated to a puke-less evening, which was unexpected.

Making the decision to have a prophylactic mastectomy wasn’t an easy one, and may seem a bit draconian. Getting diagnosed with even low-grade breast cancer at 28, genuinely freaked me out. Especially considering that I had related symptoms at 26. Receiving negative results from my genetic BRCA1 & 2 testing made me more nervous than anything. It meant that I probably wouldn’t need to make any drastic decisions about removing my ovaries, but it did leave me with no reason whatsoever as to why I had breast cancer at such a young age. It made sense to me to try an lower my risk as much as possible, and a mastectomy on the seemingly healthy breast accomplished that. There was actually an interesting article in the NY Times about this process last Sunday.

So now I’m home, and anticipating a whole foods run for dinner tonight. I’m actually feeling pretty good, and considering how I felt last time, I’m surprised by how functional I am.

In other news, it’s been a big week as I turned 30 on Wednesday – eek. Thanks for coming out to the party at Be Bar, and for all the gifts and good wishes. And a special thanks to Allison who trekked all the way in from Chicago for the weekend. It was a real treat having her in town. Among other things, Joanna gave me seasons 3 & 4 of Sex in the City. I bet they’ll be close to finished before the weekend is out… off to it!



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Pete’s monthly party, Chuffed, held on the fourth Saturday of each month, has gotten some well deserved love from Fritz Hahn at the Washington Post in an article which talks about the unlikely new-ish DJ scene at Selam:

Selam Restaurant sits on a heavily trafficked stretch of U Street NW, midway between Adams Morgan and the 14th Street corridor, but unless you’re a fan of Eritrean food, you’ve probably buzzed by the place without a second thought.In the past year, though, Selam has been growing under the radar, luring DJs from some of the city’s better-known clubs and dance parties to spin in the intimate basement space, whether for one night or for a monthly residency.

Sam “The Man” Burns, dean of Washington’s deep house scene after long runs at Red and Dragonfly, worked the decks in March. DJ Meistro, known for dropping hip-hop bombs at the acclaimed Oh Snap! parties at Wonderland, took a regular turn at a night called Solid Gold. Neil Payne, formerly of the house-rocking PartyDC crew, joined Pete Welsch, once a resident at Baltimore’s Sonar nightclub, and Eighteenth Street Lounge alumna Christine Moritz for Chuffed, which melds funk and down-tempo with Deee-Lite and old-school rap…

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