This post about a search for “social network analysis” while having lunch at a Panera Bread cafe is kind of ridiculous/hilarious.

It is a good example of why blocking of certain potentially unsavory sites or searches which might lead to that kind of site rarely does what you want it to, and is almost never worth the money.


So Mike has tagged me for the “5 things you didn’t know about me” meme. So here we go:

1. When I was little I thought that frozen cake was better than ice cream. In the summer my mom would bake a cake for me, cover it with icing, cut it into pieces and freeze it for me. That way I had frozen cake pretty much whenever I wanted. This might explain why I was such a chubby child, however well fed. :)

2. I waited tables at the two big breakfast chains during college – IHOP and Denny’s. It was here that I learned how to smile at people while simultaneously thinking horrible things about them. It’s an important life skill. I also learned how to take orders and confirm them without ever repeating their stupid market-y names like rooty-tooty-fresh and fruity or moons over my hammy. Unless I was making fun of the drunk person who was ordering them, which was also enjoyable.

3. A feminist from an early age, one Christmas my grandmother gave all of her grand-kids these little memory books where you could paste your school picture every year from kindergarten until your senior year of high school and record information about that year. Each year had an option to enter what you wanted to be when you grew and had a boy’s section which included things like “doctor” and “firefighter” and a girl’s section which included such options as “mother” or “nurse”. I flipped out and checked all the boy options every year.

4. I took dance lessons as a kid. Ballet, jazz, and tap dance. As a result I also have a slew of photos with me in ridiculous dance recital outfits. No, you can’t see them.

5. As a junior in high school I got a lead role in the spring play, called “I’m Sorry, the Bridge is Out, You’ll Have to Spend the Night.” It was a play on the young couple gets stuck at the creepy mansion over night theme. I played Dr. Victor(ia) Frankenstein. I had to sing and dance. My hair was awesome.

Who do I tag? Let’s have a grad school theme: Pete, Allison, Dan, and Jami.

*Anyone remember the Austin based ska band called Gal’s Panic? This was part of their little theme song. I really liked them.

Dr. Brown's cel-ray soda

This weekend I had the opportunity to investigate vegetable flavored soda – no shit. Dr. Brown’s soda, makers of the very best black cherry soda I’ve ever had and does a better-than-average diet black cherry soda, now has a celery flavored soda. It’s quite interesting. When you crack open the can, the soda does indeed smell of celery. Real celery not like a fake-ass celery scent, but it really does smell like a big old stalk of celery. The first sip exhibits a slightly sweet celery taste with a subtle, peppery finish. This finish becomes more pronounced with each sip.

Celery is over 90% water, making the flavor so simple reproducing it, I imagine, would be a difficult endeavor. Think of other yummy natrual foods who’s flavors, when made artificially never quite taste right – banana, pineapple, etc. Dr. Brown’s cel-ray soda doesn’t taste exactly like celery but it certainly comes close, and I would argue, in a pleasant way. The flavor base is kind of like a weak ginger ale and the celery taste is less like celery the vegetable and more like celery seed, explaining the peppery finish a bit.

I drank it straight out of the can, well chilled. I think it would be best over lots of chipped ice – a celery slushie, if you will. I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but by the end decided that I would drink it enthuiastically again, prompting me to wonder if there’s a diet cel-ray soda in the works. Please, Dr. Brown?


In other, clearly less-important-than-vegetable-soda news today is

Blog for Choice Day

I’m pro-choice and I vote (and blog). ‘Nuf said.

oh! and I know who I’m supporting in the Democratic primary. I am so excited for her campaign.

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