Monthly Archives: June 2004

pete and i will make an all-too-brief return to the east coast this weekend. pete just called the cat sitter and i rented a car! woo-hoo!

we will be leaving on thursday evening around 5pm. we should get there very early in the morning on friday. we’ll be returning sometime early on monday morning. and we will be attending mark‘s 4th of july party on saturday. anyone else have any plans for us? anybody got some floor space?


apparently if you’re lucky enought to see Q-Burns between now and election day. he’ll be sporting a shirt that simply says vote in an effort to get people thinking about getting themselves to the polls. pretty cool. he puts on a killer show. go see him if you can.

so we finally found the cable that facilitates dumping all the photos from the camera into iphoto yesterday – thank god! i haven’t been able to find it for like 3 months. anyway, here are some photos that would have been posted long ago had the cable been more readily available…

here’s a photo of my new tattoo, taken the evening that i got it.

a photo from the last evening of mark’s visit where we played risk and ploughed through the last of the beer

and 2 photos from new year’s. i miss these guys ;_;

john and mark looking both intoxicated and suspicious

amy and tim demonstrate just what a bunch of geeks we are.

tommorow i teach the first of 3 classes for the first section of L401, the introductory skills-based class for the program. I’ve taught before, and TAed a introduction to women’s studies class, but i felt so comfortable with that area of study that i could have taught the one class that was assigned to me and graded the papers in my sleep. with this, while i know the material, i’m a little more nervous. perhaps because the material has been written for me and i don’t know who the students will be, what there skill level will be, or if they’re familiar with macs (which we’ll be working on exclusively). i suppose we’ll find out tomorrow.

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